We strive to be a place where disciples of all ages and backgrounds can grow into the fullness of life that God offers us in Jesus Christ, as indicated by our mission statement: 


We believe God calls us to reflect Christ’s love and mercy by

  • ·WORSHIPING as a community of diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures;
  • ·ENGAGING the whole congregation in fellowship, learning, service, and outreach to the wider community;
  • ·SERVING by caring for each other and reaching out to the world God loves, seeking to understand and respond to needs;
  • ·GROWING as individuals, families, and community as we continue to discover who we are in Jesus Christ; and trying to follow his example.

We are a warm and welcoming congregation and we invite you to join us!

We are part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), grounded in the Reformed tradition, yet the vast majority of us have come from other denominations and faith practices, drawn by lively worship, superb music, exceptional learning opportunities, a commitment to service, and joyful life. We are a diverse group sharing a common faith and we take great pride in our 150-year history even as we eagerly embrace God’s unfolding future. Look over our site, but better yet, come visit!