Due to COVID, we are not currently offering a Nursery during Worship

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
Matthew 19:14

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The nursery at Manassas Presbyterian Church welcomes children from birth to preschool age. It is our desire to minister to both parents and children by providing this service. We believe that your child is a special gift from God, and we want to provide an environment that helps each child feel comfortable, happy, loved, and secure.



The nursery is staffed by loving and responsible parents and volunteers who regularly attend Manassas Presbyterian Church. It is the policy of the church that every adult who works with children be familiar with our Child Protection Policy (CPP). (A copy of this policy can be found in the church office.) If your child shares in the use of the nursery facility, we urge you to share also in the responsibility of adequate and quality nursery care by taking your turn in the cooperative nursery program.


Children learn by doing, by trying and by watching us and doing what we do.  Worship, when seen through the eyes and ears, the hands and nose of a child, has mystery and power.  It is full of surprises and anticipation.  The best way for children to learn how to worship and participate in the service is to actually do it.

With that said, our youngest children are probably not quite equipped to handle an entire worship service.  Children ages 3 through kindergarten are invited to participate in the Extended Time for Children (ETC) program, which begins after the “Time with Children” portion of the worship service.

Child Protection Policy

Before anyone can be scheduled to volunteer for any program working with children and youth at MPC, they must complete the "Children and Youth Work Application". Once the application has been completed and processed by the Christian Formation Ministry Team, the individual will be eligible to be scheduled as a volunteer in the nursery and other children/youth programs at MPC. Please contact the Church Office to get this paperwork.



updated 01.28.2020