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Considering a visit but just not sure what to expect? You've come to the right place. Check out our Top 10 list of What to Expect at Manassas Presbyterian Church (MPC) so you can “know before you go.” We welcome you and invite you to come worship with us!

1. What kind of worship services do you offer?
We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA and offer traditional-style worship on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

2. I am not a Presbyterian. Will I be welcome?
All are welcome. Our members include lifelong Presbyterians as well as those from other denominations and backgrounds.

3. How long is the service and what can I expect?
Service begins at 10:00 am and typically ends by 11:15 a.m. Service includes Bible readings, a sermon, prayers, hymns, a children’s message and, on some Sundays, communion. After the Prayer of Confession and Declaration of Forgiveness, there is a “Passing of the Peace,” an action symbolizing our sharing of the love and forgiveness offered to us in Jesus Christ which is done with a handshake, fist bump, or whatever creative way you have to share the peace of Christ with those around you. MPC members often use this time as an opportunity to welcome new worshipers. For those who wish to be masked and seated around only those wearing masks, we have a designated seating area on the right-hand side of our sanctuary. Anyone sitting in that section will need to wear a mask. If you choose to mask and are not concerned with others wearing a mask, you may sit anywhere in the sanctuary. If you choose not to mask, please sit anywhere other than the designated masked section on the right of the sanctuary.

4. Do you offer Sunday school classes?
We offer Bible Bits for children kindergarten to sixth grade. This class is held in conjunction with our children’s choir rehearsal. Rehearsal and Bible Bits are held after the worship service. Children meet in room 36 to eat their prepacked lunch prior to rehearsal.

Adult classes are held before Sunday services, from 8:45 - 9:40 a.m. in room 5. Other online worship opportunities for adults are available by contacting the church office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All paid staff and volunteers working with children and youth are screened in accordance with, and must comply with, the MPC Child Protection Policy.

5. Are children welcome in service?
Absolutely! As Jesus said in Matthew 9:14, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Children are always welcome in worship. After the Children’s message, children ages 3-5 are invited to attend Children’s Church. During this time the children will get their own specialized lesson and activity. They will be returned to their parents in the sanctuary before the end of the worship service. All other children are invited to remain in the worship service. We offer worship bags with a variety of items (crayons, modeling clay, coloring sheets) to help children who may need something to occupy their growing minds and bodies so parents can participate in worship. The colorful bags are located on a stand outside the sanctuary. We also offer nursery care for children 2 and under, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 p.m. in room 19. During the worship service, parents wishing to soothe a fidgety child may also go to the narthex, library, or nursery, where the service can be viewed via closed-circuit TV.

 6. Am I allowed to participate in communion?
The opportunity to eat and drink with Christ is not a right bestowed upon the worthy, but a privilege given to the undeserving who come in faith, repentance, and love. All who come to the table are offered the bread and cup, regardless of their age or understanding. We typically observe the Lord’s Supper (Communion or Eucharist) on the first Sunday of every month, as well as special days in Advent and Lent and at Christmas Eve services. Communion is offered with worshippers coming forward. An usher will invite your row to the front. A piece of bread will be handed to you by a server wearing gloves. You may eat the bread and move to the next server and take a cup from the tray. You may then drink the cup. On your way back to your seat an usher will collect your empty cup.

7. What about the collection?
Most worship services include a freewill offering. In the Presbyterian church, we understand the offering of our material gifts to be a response of gratitude to God and a way to support the church’s ministry and mission. While visitors may contribute something during the offering, there is no expectation that they do so. Most MPC members make an annual pledge and place their offering in the collection box located in the narthex, by texting the phone number provided during worship or useing our online pledge option. We have no giving quotas or requirements.

8. Are visitors asked to stand and be recognized? Will I be contacted after my visit?
Rest assured, we won't ask you to stand and be recognized! But do expect many hearty handshakes and warm greetings from our congregation. We encourage you to stop by the table outside the Narthex and sign our friendship pad as well as joining us for coffee and refreshments following the service.

 9. I have a disability. How can you accommodate me?
We can work with individuals to accommodate their needs. For example, we offer hearing assistance devices, wall screens to display readings from the service, handicapped-equipped bathroom stalls, individual bathrooms, and no stairs throughout the building. The church entrance has automatic doors to ease entry for those in wheelchairs and with walkers. The chairs in the sanctuary are easily moved to accommodate wheelchairs or other needs. Should you have a question about your specific needs, please contact the church office at 703-369-2058.

10. Where should I park?
We offer ample parking in front and behind the building. The rear entrance includes a covered awning for drop-offs and pick-up; however, the rear door is locked during worship services for safety purposes. If you arrive after the service has started, you will need to enter through the front door.


Updated 10.30.23