This Sunday at MPC:
Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am
Sermon:"Images of Glory"
Rev. Dr. Lisa Kenkeremath, Preaching

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The Men's Fellowship Breakfast has been meeting/fellowshipping/conspiring since 1995 at such fine dining establishments as Mike's Diner (closed and demolished), the Ambrosia Café (closed and sold), and now the Ashton Diner (we're sure there is no connection, but you may want to sell that Ashton Diner stock).

The Men's Fellowship Breakfast is where:

  • All men of the Church are welcome to join us for spirited fellowship and a good breakfast (not to mention abuse by Paula the waitress);
  • Any topic of conversation is fair game and considered grounds for equal-opportunity abuse;
  • Our adopted mission is the Tri-County Jail Ministry, led by Chaplain Martin Steinberg of Nokesville (since there is a good chance one of us may need this sometime);
  • Our adopted MPC Ministry Team is the Property Ministry Team, as many of us have some sort of talent that we use to help out (that and we were tired of Mahoney's begging);
  • Our adopted MPC cause is Ugly Tie Sunday (since we all have so many to choose from); and,
  • We would love to have you join us any Saturday at 7:00-Ashton Diner.


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