bible study

Join us at our weekly Bible studies as we explore the stories, the people and the history revealed in the Bible.

Wednesday Mornings: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. with Pastor Lisa Kenkeremath in Room 5

Starting Sept. 11: This fall, the Wednesday morning Bible study group will resume examining the compilation of sermons contained in Pastor Lisa's book, "Relentless Mercy." The sermons in this collection point to varied aspects of divine mercy, suggesting but not defining the contours of a biblical theology of mercy. Mercy, intrinsic to a conception of grace, is an encompassing love that comprehends human frailty in all its dimensions. These sermons seek to illuminate the ways in which our God, in mercy, acts to touch, heal and repair our broken hearts and broken world. No worries if you miss a class or didn't join us this spring, as each sermon is treated as a standalone lesson.

Thursday Evenings: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. in Room 5 with Douglas Roy

Starting Sept. 19: We explore the scriptures with wide open minds and eyes. We are constantly looking for new insights. We continue to be amazed at how these writers inspired us so many thousands of years ago and continue to inspire us today. We continue to be amazed at how the Lord's spirit inspired these writers so many thousands of years ago and continue to inspire us today. The challenge of following God's way through life is an ever-changing condition. But the way of God continues to be constant, the discipline of studying God's word continues to be our guide.

Both groups welcome new participants at any time.


Updated 9.8.19