This Sunday at MPC:
Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am
Sermon:"Images of Glory"
Rev. Dr. Lisa Kenkeremath, Preaching

Russell JacksonAn important member of the MPC staff you may have never seen is our Sexton, Russell Jackson. Russell is responsible for keeping this place clean from week to week and for doing all the routine maintenance around the church. He usually works from 2pm until 10pm, locking up the building for us and setting the security alarm. If you come into the building some evening and see the sign that says, "Russell is not here tonight," you will quickly learn to appreciate all he does for us as you count how many light switches are left on and how many doors need to be checked and locked before you can go home. He works six days a week—think about the mess three or four hundred of us can make on a Sunday that must be cleaned up before the ELC children show up on Monday morning. He is not here on Saturday, unless, of course, there is a wedding, and then we need him on Saturday, too. Russell generally waits until the building fills up with people on weeknights before he takes his "lunch" break. He's glad to talk to you, but he tries hard to stay out of our way.

Russell is officially supervised by the Property Ministry Team, and they generally leave him a list of minor repairs that need to be done, but on a day-to-day basis, our office manager, Krista Brocker relays our custodial requests to him. If you see something that needs attention, please leave a note for Krista. Russell begins most days with the ELC classrooms and the bathrooms that all those pre-school children have been using all day—and the ELC pays a portion of his salary. After VBS every summer, he cleans out every classroom and strips and re-waxes the floors until we can see our faces in the shine. The floor of the narthex he does much more often. One week this summer he assembled the new furniture for the Christian Education office—which came in flat boxes with not enough instructions. Last summer he painted the boiler room—including the floor. He is not responsible for the outside of the building, but he picks up trash nearly every day, keeps the sidewalks clear of snow and ice in the winter, and occasionally paints lines on the parking lot.

Russell worked at the Metz Middle School for several years before he was hired by MPC in August of 1999. He really thinks of the church as "his" building and is proud to keep it in tip-top shape. If you meet him in the hallways some time, thank him for keeping our place so shiny and clean.


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